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Funworld Women's Naughty Nun Costume, Black/White, XS

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About this product

A Strange Problem So the convent you joined has a great, old history. It was built hundreds of years ago and has had many well known nuns come and go through its storied halls. Also, it has a massive flooding problem three months out of the year. But that’s ok, there’s a really great way that they’ve adapted to such a problem. During the rainy months, all the sisters just hike up their habits to stay dry above the water line. Sometimes the water can get pretty high, but pulling up the habit is easier than re-digging the foundation of the entire historical complex. Anyway, since you’ve joined this convent, you should make sure to pick up this Women’s Naughty Nun Costume so your habit can stay dry, even when the water level rises really high! Obviously, it’s called a “Naughty Nun” because it’s the proper dress for someone who just joined the convent and is still working off their sins of their worldly life. Makes sense. You’ll advance to “Well Intentioned Nun,” eventually, and then simply, “Proper Nun.” Fun Details This holy and austere black and white look is perfect for the rookie nun who is also trying to cope through flood season! The black minidress has a white yoke and flared cuffs that lay comfortably on your wrists as you move from prayer to song and back again during all those masses and group study sessions. Lace-up details are featured on each side at the hem of the skirt in order to keep you tied to your spiritual devotion. Finally, the black veil has a white band headpiece in the style of classic nun dress. You’ll fit right in along with your other sisters! Wading it Out You should be proud of yourself. It’s not easy to shed of all your worldly belongings, leave behind your life, and join a convent—much less one with a bizarre flooding problem. But we suppose that the struggle is an essential part of growing closer to your spiritual side. Good for you!