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Flashpoint XPLOR 600 HSS TTL Battery-Powered Monolight - Bowens Mount(Ad600 TTL)

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About this product

The remarkable R2 TTL Wireless Flash System is the advanced 2.4GHz radio remote that adds DSLR TTL dedicated functions to your off camera flash experience whether you are using Canon, Nikon or Sony. 600ws with 9 stop range: The energy efficient can be set to a wide range of 9 f/stop power levels from 1/256 to full power in 1/3 stop increments Super Fast 2.5s recycle:Recycle speed is exceptionally fast, from .01 to 2.5 seconds with a built-in cooling fan to keep it cool and stabile. High Speed Sync:Dedicated HSS makes synchro sunlight easy again with plenty of light to rival the sun. LED Modeling Light:Just the right amount of modeling to be precise without draining your battery reserve. Your idea of monolights is about to change. Not just for the better. For the Best. Introducing the ultimate portable solution for studio quality flash with remote wireless TTL totally independent of power cords and generators: The Flashpoint XPLOR600 TTL MonoLight with R2 Radio Remote. It's the most comprehensive self-contained full featured 600ws strobe that goes virtually anywhere, with wireless TTL control for Nikon and Canon, High Speed Sync, powered by its own massive internal and interchangeable high energy 11.1 volt Lithium Ion 8700mAh battery, capable of over 450 full power flash bursts on a single charge. XPLOR600 is the one monolight for all your assignments, all your challenges, backed by industry leader, Flashpoint. The flash features many settings for the pro, like FEC, rapid stroboscopic flash, first or second curtain sync, LED Modeling, upgradable firmware and new camera system compatibility, clear LCD display, plus 11 advanced options features. The optional Remote 600 and 1200ws 8 foot extension heads transform the monolight into a boom friendly powerhouse. All the popular Bowens S mount light modifiers fit directly on the monolight or extension heads. But that's only the beginning. There is the R2 advantage. One Remote to Rule Them All. The remarkable R2 TTL Wireless Flash System is the advanced 2.4GHz radio remote that adds camera TTL dedicated custom functions to your multi flash experience whether you are using