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Leg Avenue Bat Wing Sheer Tights

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About this product

Fly by Night There's a special feeling that comes with nightfall in the autumn. There's the sound of skittering, dry leaves that blow across the sidewalks and streets. The sunny, blue-skied days give way to chilly nights that smell like winter. The houses look so cozy in the darkness that's falling earlier and earlier every day. It's easy to get excited about that kind of atmosphere, you never know what might happen. After all, ghost sightings go up eighty percent in October. Most of these ghosts turn out to be trick-or-treaters but it's still pretty thrilling! Embrace that spooky feeling with our batty tights. You love the night, they live for the night. You guys will get along just fine. Product Details With nylon and spandex, these tights have plenty of flexibility so you can easily move in and comfortably layer these tights. The nylon is sheer and woven with opaque bats that are layered in a scattered pattern up the legs. Pair these tights with our vampire or witch costumes. Or, embrace boot and sweater season and weave these tights into your wardrobe. Wingin' It When you're ready to head out this fall, make sure to have fun with it! These batty tights are subtle enough for working on Halloween day and fun enough for that date with that mysterious guy with a suspiciously pale complexion and a high widow's peak. Umm, on second thought, we'd cancel that date. You might love Halloween but you're not batty enough to date Dracula, you'd have to deal with way too many capes in that relationship.